Format of article writing for 8th to 12th class


Format of article writing

Article writing is very important. We need article writing in every class. From 9th class to 10th class. Everyone needs to write an article. But funda is how to write an article? What is the format for writing an article. So, friends, you will get complete information about the format of article writing in this content. By which you will get a lot of help to write an article in your exam or school test.

Format of article writing
Format of article writing

In order to write an article, we have to pay attention to some important things. Based on that you can write a very good article. But first, we understand what is the article? Why is it so important for further studies.

We can call the article is a complete detail. It is an article to write in full detail on anything. Which is used in different fields. Like a news article, in which news is written, which you must be reading very often.

The blog article that you are reading now is a blog article. Which I have published on So these are all articles

Now your mind must have lighted what is the article. If we understand anything well, then the way of doing it comes to more than half. In the same way, what is an article, how to write it after understanding it, it also comes easily.

But here we are not going to talk about news articles and blog articles. Today, I am going to talk about the article that we write during our studies. Such as an article on pollution. Which we are asked to write from school to homework or to write an article in a competition or to write an article in an exam.

Therefore we will understand how the article is written according to the format of the article

Format of article writing

So, friends, I tell you the best format of article writing. You can write an article following this format.

Attractive Title

Writer name (Author name)

Paragraph 1
– Short description (4 to 5 lines)
– types
-Good and bad points

Paragraph 2
-Related informations

Pragraph 3

Keep title attractive

Format of article writing

Whenever you are writing an article, keep its title very attractive. Because keeping the title is a skill. Seeing the title of the article, the viewer starts reading immediately.

We see attractive titles on many types of websites in the news and immediately start reading. So this is what we have to do to write an article.

Writer name (author name)

After the title, we have to write the name of the author. This is important because who has written the article so that they can run. You can write in the author name center



After the name and title, we have to start writing our content. But in content detail also, we have to take special care of some issues. By writing topic wise, we can write articles in the entire information

Short description

Here you have to write important information about your article in short. As if you are writing on pollution, you can write the definition of pollution. You can write this short description in 4 lines.


In the following paragraph after the short description, you have to type. If types are included in your article subject, then you can write. As if you are writing about pollution, there are different types of pollution. You can tell about such types as Air pollution, Water pollution, Earth pollution etc.


You can write the reasons here. As if you are writing an article on the disease, you can write the reasons for the disease. For example, mosquito bite causes disease. Drinking dirty water causes illness, so we can write in the article.


There are many articles in which we have to tell the consequences. As if there is pollution then what are the consequestions of pollution. As evidence of heat is increasing due to pollution, sickness fails, which may increase the risk of global warming. We can write all this in consequestions. If you shoot for your article.

Good bad points

You can also write good and bad points in the article. As you are writing on technology, you can write good points and bad points on it.

Related information

If you have any related information on the article topic then you can also write that.


In this paragraph, you can write the implications of your topic. Like what is his future. As you are writing on a robot, you can write here the results of future robots.


Here you have to finish your article. And some suggestions are also to be given. Apart from this, you can also reduce its losses and benefits by writing in short. It is very important to write conclusion.

Friends, with the help of so many topics and paragraphs, can write a very good article. Let me explain by giving an example of an article so that you can understand very quickly.

Format of article writing

Some tips for article writing

  • Like friends, I have already told that always keep the title of the article attractive.
  • Keep joint with article related issues. One line is telling different and another line is different. So do not write this kind of article.
  • Make bold important words
  • Always write the article in easy words. Writing an application with too much hard word causes bad effects. The article sounds attractive but teachers can also understand it as a copy.


So, friends, you can write an article format like this. We get full marks by writing an article in a good format. So I hope you liked the format of article writing very much. Share this format with your friends too.

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