Best ITI courses after 12th with full detail


ITI courses after 12th

Hello friends, Today I am going to share very good information with you. Everyone wants to get a good job by doing studies. So everyone can live a successful life. That is why we should have a good job or degree. Therefore, today I am going to talk about ITI courses after 12th.

ItI courses after 12th
ItI courses after 12th

10th or 12th students are confused about which course to take next. And to get information about the best career course, they take information from their big educated people.

Courses are very available, each has its own place. But what the student has to do is his wish. That is the reason, I am giving you information about ITI courses, how can you start a good career by doing ITI courses? Read whole article.😊

What is ITI courses?

The full form of ITI course Industrial Training Institute. It is known as the full form of ITI that it is an industrial-related course.

ITI is the best course if you want to do a good course with less study and less knowledge. This is an industrial course. ITI colleges are of two types, one is government and the other is private. ITI occurs in every state. While there are a total of 11,964 ITI centers in the country out of which 2284 are government and 9680 private centers.

ITI course can be done by anyone from 8th to 12th pass. The fees for ITI courses are very low. You can do ITI courses in government for free.

ITI courses focus on more practical than theoretical. It is not necessary to have the English language in ITI course.

Top ITI courses

ITI course is a lot. But for the better future, we will tell you the top ITI courses after 12th.

  • Electrician
  • Fitter
  • Plumber
  • Wireman
  • Welder gas and electric
  • Machenic computer hardware
  • Surveyor
  • Architecture Assistant
  • Fabrication ( Fitting And Welding )


Due to electricity, today the era has moved forward. Due to its usefulness, doing this course can greatly benefit the future. After doing this course, you can work on posts like lineman, wireman, maintenance, electrical supervisor.


There is a lot of future scope in fitters too. Cutting, fitting or repairing parts of a machine in a factory or an industry is called a fitter. This course is for 2 years and is 4 semesters.

If you want to study further after this course, after this course you can do polytechnics. The polytechnic course is 3 years old, but if you take admission in polytechnic after doing ITI, then you get the biggest benefit because when you go into polytechnical after doing ITI, you get admission in the second year directly. That is, you get 2 degrees in just 4 years.

The demand for this course is increasing. The best and popular course is for you. You can do this course and you can get a lot of jobs in it. There is no need to go anywhere after doing this course, and in this, you also get a very good salary. So this is the best course in ITI.


Plumbing or repairing water in a building or house on a bathroom, kitchen or any other place is called a plumber. The demand for a plumber is increasing. Because plumber is needed to deliver water from the house to house. Hence the high chance of the plumber’s job.


Install, replace or repair electric wires is called Wireman. Wireman is needed everywhere nowadays. This course is of 2 years. for 4 semesters.

There is more chance of a private job after doing this course. Apart from this, you can provide private service by becoming a wireman yourself.

Welder gas and electric

This course is for one year, which means two semesters. This course can do students from 8th to 12th pass. In this course, a metal such as steel welding and repair classes are taught.

Mechanic computer hardware

This course is very useful in digital time. The job opportunity in this course is very high. Why computer and laptop usage is increasing in today’s time. If you do the course of repair like computer hardware means CPU, motherboard, then it will be very beneficial.


In this ITI trend, the road or any kind of building or small thick roads are built wherever their surveyor has to work. in there, they have to survey their care, their height, length, etc. many road-making companies has great demand for surveyor.

Road construction companies give you a lot of money. And you get a good job. You take 2 years to do this course. And you can do this course after class 10. Surveyor is a very good course.

Architecture Assistant

This course is a very good course. The architecture assistant’s job is to prepare the design of the buildings. Design of houses. It is the job of an architecture assistant to design a factory or any company. And as you all know, a lot of building is being built in today’s time, and everyone needs good design. If Architecture Assistant course. So you can become a good architecture assistant.

You can open an office of your own. Where you can get a lot of work. People nowadays get more design of their house, building, they make only after getting all their things designed, so if you do this course then you will get good work and along with that you get the money demanded from you. It takes you 2 years to do this course. And after this, you can do polytechnics. After that, you can start your own work.

Fabrication ( Fitting And Welding )

This is a very popular course. And the need for fabrication can never be met. Its demand has always been there. Work is done in large factories. It all depends on fabrication.

If you want to do this course then you get a lot of work in it, you will never have to sit empty. It takes you 2 years to do this course, you are made to do iron gates, pillar fittings and fittings.


What is ITI? And I have tried to give complete information about which are the best ITI courses after 12th. I hope you liked this information. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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