The Importance Of Trees

Life cannot be imagined without Trees. If life on earth is active, then the trees are responsible for it. Therefore the importance of trees is unique. The tree is our wealthiest friend, the benefits of tree grown by us not only for us but for our coming generation too. Food, wood, fuel, air, clothes, animal food and other things we get through the tree.

The Importance Of Trees
The Importance Of Trees

How important Trees are to humans, animals, birds, and other live creatures, you will understand by some examples what I am going to tell you.

For Living In a Pure Environment

The tree is responsible for the pure environment around us. In today’s modern life, due to the modern technology of vehicles, factories, and other methods, the air has started getting contaminated. But the tree releases oxygen into the atmosphere by exploiting contaminated air such as carbon dioxide. And protects the environment from contaminated air such as carbon dioxide.

If there is no tree, this contaminated air can prove harmful to the living organism, and many diseases can occur. Due to which the danger in live creature starts increasing. That is why the pure environment is very important. It can be possible by the tree. Trees are very important for a pure environment.

For Reduce Climate Change Effect

The most responsible for climate change is greenhouse gases. Which increases the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The atmosphere starts heating up. Due to which effect like climate change is created.

There is a boost in greenhouse gases due to the lack of trees that have the potential to exploit carbon dioxide. Therefore, trees are very important to prevent danger like climate change.

To Get Pure Oxygen For Healthy Life

Oxygen is very important to live life on earth. But modernity has contaminated oxygen. In the industrial area, we often have trouble breathing, the disease starts due to the contaminated air. It is caused by a lack of oxygen. But trees propagate the atmosphere oxygen by exploiting contaminated air like carbon dioxide.

In a village-wide area, where the number of trees is high, that oxygen is found very much. Which is very important to live. Therefore the trees have great importance to get pure oxygen.

To Living a Easy Life

Wood is used for furniture, paper, table, sticks, matches, and many other life-essential things. , And this wood is obtained through the trees. Or trees are very important for making human life easy.

Wooden furniture is needed to make everyone’s home organized. And paper is a very important thing for us, which is the product of trees. There are many different things which are made in the trees. And the trees become helpful for us in these kinds of things.

Trees Useful For Animals And Birds

More than humans, Animals are needed trees. Because the life of creatures in the forest depends on trees. wild animals like monkeys, rabbits and other types of animals live life by eating tree leaves and fruit flowers. And by killing such vegetarian animals, carnivorous creatures like lion or tiger eat. In this way, an ecosystem is also formed at the base of the tree.

Like animals, the life of birds depends on trees. The most important nest for birds makes on trees. The nest is protects to birds from water and wind, and birds also lay eggs in the nest. Fruit flowers for birds are also found through trees. Therefore trees are very important for animals, birds and other types of insects

To Keep Water Balance

Like trees, very important water balance is also done through trees. Due to the lack of heat in the atmosphere due to trees, there is no such situation as climate change. Due to which it rains according to the time, and the water balance does not deteriorate.

Trees Are Important For Living Healthy Life

It has always been suggested to eat well for a healthy life. Like fruits, vegetables that we get from trees and plants. Oxygen is also available for healthy living through the tree. Honey is also made by a bee from trees flowers and fruits. and honey is very healthy for humans. In this way, the tree is very important for living a healthy life.

Trees Increase Fertile land For Framing

Fertile land is required for grow grains or other type of farming. Repeated farming of in the same field is discrease land fertility. Therefore trees are very helpful to keep the land always fertile. The ground is more fertile due to the leaves, fruits, and flowers of the trees falling into the ground.

Fertile land is very important for the farmer for farming. In which he grows food grains and provides food for the country.

Protect From Sun Ray Via Trees Shadow

The Importance Of Trees

We need cool shade in the summer season. And cool shade becomes from trees. The best neem tree has been said to be cool shade. cool shade provides protection from the sun’s rays. The shade of the tree helps children to play, helps to park the vehicle.

For Making Life-Saving Drugs

Medicines are needed to get protection from the diseases of the body. And many types of medicines are made from a tree. Which keeps our life safe. Many medicinal trees such as neem, basil, ashwagandha are included.


The trees are life. That is why friends trees are very important. We have to protect trees for pure climate, healthy life and live an easy life. Resolve to grow as many trees as possible.

I hope you must understand The Importance of trees. So please follow one message: Save Trees Save Life😊

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